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Measuring for Custom K-9 Coolers

Standard Sizes are made in 2" increments (8",10",12", etc). Size is equal to the BACK LENGTH  

Price is determined by the price group a Size falls into: Small (Size 8", Size 10", Size 12", Size 14") 
Medium (Size 16", Size 18", Size 20") Large (Size 22", Size 24", Size 26") etc.   

CUSTOM K-9 Coolers for unusual body types such as a bulldog, corgi, greyhound, etc.,
or heavily coated breeds (collie) can *measure for a custom fit.

                                            *Use a cloth tape or string to measure accurately. 
                                             Refer to picture below-right for numbered measurements.                                             
1. Back Length = SIZE - Measure from base of neck to base of tail. 

2. Body Length - from the center front of the chest (prosternum) 
to the rear of the dog (a horizontal line) stopping at a point below 
the base of the tail. (see picture) 

3. Jacket Depth - measure from one elbow over the shoulders to the other elbow.  

4. Girth - loosely measure around midpoint of body. Strap should remain loose when worn to allow air flow!   

5. Neck Opening - measure around base of neck as a jacket would fit - where neck meets the rest of the body. Consider haircoat(see #2!) (a greyhound neck is very different than a St. Bernard neck ;-)

6. 2nd Belly Strap - Giant sizes only.(opt.) 1st strap, measure from center chest, around curve of shoulder to behind front leg, allowing room for leg movement (this would fall behind line 3 on picture above.) - 2nd strap, measure from center of chest to where line 4 is drawn - (remember plumbing on male dogs).

​A "Split Tail" option is available for dogs that flag or have a curled tail. This allows the jacket to extend beyond the base of the tail, covering and cooling the entire dog. Cost $7.00

COST for Custom Jackets = Standard K-9 Cooler Price plus 
$5.00 minimum per jacket. Multiple alterations or custom options add $4.00
for each additional alteration. 

            For extra cooling - dip the K-9 Cooler
                       in water and wear wet.*

 *Coolers are Not intended for use as a "turn-out" jacket *
                     *Not for use inside a vehicle!*
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